What : Guadalupe Mountains National Park

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Where : West Texas

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Notes : Includes Guadalupe Peak, highest point in Texas (8,749')


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Hiking : Great wilderness backpacking-some day hiking

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Visited : 1984, 1985, 1986, 1990, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000

Guadalupe Mountains National Park, although “modernized” over the last several years, remains a relatively little-visited, hiker-friendly National Park. However, the modernization of the campground (which included the removal of some trailhead parking for the benefit of RV parking) and the addition of a shiny new glass and stone visitor center and parking lot has increased the casual drop-in traffic as well as made it more difficult to find camping at the main campground during rush times. During a recent visit during spring break (March 1998) the campground was full and the trailhead parking lot was full, although there were plenty of parking spaces empty and reserved for RVs. Still...

Guadalupe Peak Trail

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is a park for hikers and backpackers. Except for the campgrounds at the entrances, there are no areas accessible by vehicle. The dominant feature of the park is the familiar limestone formation El Capitan, just south of Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas (8749'). Other main areas are the mountain loop (separate from Guadalupe Peak), and McKittrick Canyon.

Guadalupe Peak to the right is the highest point in Texas. The trail runs from the extreme left of this photo to the summit.


The main attractions of this park are its relative lack of crowds and beautiful scenery. People are shocked to find the dense coniferous forests at the tops of the mountains, since the terrain at the trailheads is usually desert scrub.

Guadalupe Mountains


A Mottled Rock Rattler in its characteristic striking coil-don't mess with one if he looks like this one we surprised one day along McKittrick Trail.More Guadalupe Mountain pictures...

More photos from the summit are here. Still more photos here.

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